Cycling the Tropical Aquarium – A Guide to Setting Up Tropical Aquariums

Cycling the Tropical Aquarium – A Guide to Setting Up Tropical Aquariums

When we talk about cycling the tropical aquarium it may sound quite daunting, but the procedure is actually very straightforward. All that is needed is a basic understanding of the nitrogen cycle, and ph, nitrite and nitrate testing kits. If you don’t want to go to the expense of buying these kits, don’t worry. Local fish stockists will often test samples of aquarium water for free. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Animal waste and decaying food create nitrogen, which turns into ammonia. Ammonia is deadly to fish. Good bacteria turns ammonia into nitrites, and then into nitrates. Nitrates can also be harmful to fish, but are absorbed by live plants, completing the cycle.

Good bacteria are present in the filter media of an established tropical fish tank. When you start out from scratch, the amounts of good bacteria in your tank will be negligible. Fish added at this point will produce ammonia and, as there is insufficient beneficial bacteria to process it, ammonia will build up and your fish’s health may suffer. Ultimately, they may die.

You can get the good bacteria off to a flying start by adding a cupful of gravel from an established tank. Take care to make sure that the fish in the source tank are healthy, otherwise you might also be introducing disease. Media from the filter of a healthy cycled tank will be the quickest way to build up good bacteria in your new aquarium, but if neither the gravel nor filter media are an option, it is perfectly ok to start from scratch – it will just take a little bit longer. Beneficial bacteria are everywhere; once you have a source of ammonia in your tank, good bacteria will establish a colony in your filter.

To begin, fill your tank up with water (be sure to add a dechlorinator first) and switch on the equipment, including the filter, and any air pump and setting the temperature to 80 degrees.

You now need to start off the ammonia cycle.

This can be achieved by dropping a few flakes of fish food into the aquarium every twelve hours.

When the tank is cycling, ammonia levels will rise, ultimately quite sharply. Once they have ‘spiked’, they will fall again. Then nitrites will begin to rise. Again these spike, and trail off. Finally, nitrates then begin to rise. Once these are being produced, you have established a bed of good bacteria. Your tank has cycled and you’re ready for everyone’s favourite part – choosing the fish!

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Tropical North Queensland A Creature Adventure

Tropical North Queensland A Creature Adventure
There is much to undertake and observe in the Tropical North Queensland region that makes this area truly an all around Aussie adventure. If you love creatures then the Tropical North Queensland region is the place to go.

Check out the Cairns Night Zoo. Tour the night creatures on a guided spotlight tour, where you will meet up with amazing creatures of the night. This tour encompasses tea and an incredible campfire, in addition to some incredible food and music Aussie style that truly helps bring the full experience together magnificently. Be sure to check this out while in Tropical North Queensland, it is a real fun experience.

If horses and ATV’s are more your speed, then be sure to have a look at the fun of the Blazing Saddles Adventure. Take a half day horseback ride through the rainforest and then spend the other half of the day navigating through the outback on an ATV over the 1200 acres atop the Kuranda Mountain Range. A stunning day of entertainment in the sun, the Blazing Saddles Adventure is a full day experience that will leave you breathless.

Reptiles and mammals, birds and more, that’s what you will encounter at the Cairns Wildlife Dome. This year round wild life exhibit is contained in a glass dome that enables the birds to fly freely around and simulates their natural environment. A fantastic learning environment this wildlife center is as informative as it is fun. With shows and exhibits to make this a day long event, you’ll depart with a new appreciation for the rainforest and the creatures that call it home.

A holiday to Tropical North Queensland is a trip to a completely new world. An exciting creature adventure and a fun time for all, it really is an adventure of a lifetime.

If you are looking for adventure than look no further than this tropical Aussie paradise filled with all the sights and sounds of the outback and nature like you have never experienced before. Check out creatures from this region in their natural surroundings and enjoy all that an Australian vacation has to offer.

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Welcome To The World Of Tropical Vacations

Welcome To The World Of Tropical Vacations
Whether you are an experienced traveler or brand new to the world of tropical vacations, choosing the right spot depends on any number of interests, enjoyments and activities. You will want to take into consideration the location, accommodations and various types of amenities available on all the vacations available. You will also want to think over the food and entertainment at each tropical paradise. The Maldives, Hawaii, Jamaica, Zanzibar, Seychelles, St. Lucia, and French Polynesia are amongst the most popular tropical destinations in the world. Here are some things to consider about all seven tropical vacations to help you narrow down your choices.

For the Maldives, Hawaii, Jamaica, and Zanzibar, you have four very different tropical locations to consider. The Maldives is located in Southeast Asia and offer crystal blue waters and powdery white sand. Snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, sailing, and fishing are also great attractions in the Maldives. Hawaii provides all the comforts and conveniences that the United States is well known for. Then there is the surfing which is among the best in the world. Jamaica is popular with families and the people are very friendly. Jet skiing, scuba diving, rafting and parasailing can also be enjoyed in Jamaica. Finally, Zanzibar, in East Africa is an exotic location with beautiful palm tree beaches and diverse coral reefs. Zanzibar also offers diverse wildlife and a wild African safari.

The other three great tropical vacations include the Seychelles, St. Lucia and French Polynesia. The Seychelles Islands are actually made up of 115 scattered islands throughout the Indian Ocean but the three main islands are Praslin, La Digue and Mahe. St. Lucia, situated between the Atlantic and Caribbean, is known for its ability to please the more selective traveler. Finally, French Polynesia in the South Pacific has an amazing geography and exotic appeal. Choose from any of these seven tropical destinations and you will be certain to have the experience of a lifetime.

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