Yokohama Travel Destination

Yokohama Travel Destination

Sitting on the Tokyo Bay, the city of Yokohoma is often not taken as an important travel destination when traveling to Japan. This is because it is known to not be culturally rich. But you will be surprised of all the attractions the place has to offer. After having traveled all the way to Japan, this is a place that is certainly worth a visit.

If you had enough of visiting temples and shrines, then plan a trip to Yokohoma.  This is the capital of Kanagawa prefecture. It is on the Honshu Island and to the south of Tokyo.  Yokohoma is a major commercial center today, but once upon a time, this was just another fishing village that was responsible for opening the doors to foreign trade through its port.  Over the years, it has distinguished itself as a highly prominent port city that is home to large numbers of foreigners.

With a humid subtropical climate, the summers in Yokohoma are hot and humid while the winters are not too cold.

There are many tourist attractions in Yokohoma, and the few tourist that visit the place, come to love it.  The Yokohoma Marine Tower in the Yamashita Park, is 106 meters in height, is the tallest light house in the world.

The China town here is the largest in Japan and can be fun to visit. The food here has an exclusive taste unlike any other.  If you’ve been t to the China town in New York or some other place, you will be surprised at the difference here.  The very famous Silk House and the Yokohoma doll museum are a few of the other attractions you can enjoy visiting.

You must have heard about the world’s biggest clock, the Cosmo Clock 21. This is in the Yokohoma harbor area.  You can take beautiful photographs at night here.

Built for 17,000 people, the Yokohama arena lies next to the Shikansen station. Well, a trip to Yokohoma doesn’t end there. You will find the Nissan Stadium and the International Stadium Yokohoma worthy of your time.  You can end your tour of the city with a beautiful Japanese garden, Sankeien, designed by Tomitaro Hara, the silk trader.  This one is very famous and you are sure to enjoy.

Well, as you can see Yokohoma has a lot and it is sure to impress you with its tourist attractions.  Just go with an open mind and rock it!

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A Tropical Experience In Florida

A Tropical Experience In Florida
Florida Keys is a chain of various little islands that is 120 miles long, that is linked to the mainland of Florida. It is a very popular place especially with Americans. It is seen as a place that is seen as an American Caribbean region of the country and many feel that they can take a tropical vacation without travelling that far or even need to change money. Florida Keys was the home of legendary author Ernest Hemingway during 1930′s and 40′s before he moved to Cuba. There are a few islands that are the main islands that go along the highway and are considered the key islands of the Florida Keys.

The first island of The Upper Keys region is Key Largo. This is a place for those who want to see some of the best landscape. As this place has a national park, two state parks and a national marine sanctuary and there are no beaches here but there are living reefs (this applies to most islands in Florida keys.) Which is why this place attracts divers from all over the world.

Islamorada is one of the islands that fishing enthusiasts should go to. This island is one of the main reasons why it is called the ‘Sport Fishing Capital of the World’. The name of the island means purple isles this is reflected by the resorts and shops on the island which makes you understand why it is called that. The popular type of fishing on the island is bone-fishing and sail-fishing which is why they have lots of tournaments that are based around these two species. The tournaments are mainly catch and release so dont worry if you feel that its barbaric and only done to get more food stock. Although with that said the island is well known for some of the freshest seafood you can find.

Marathon is the island that is located in the middle of the Florida Keys, this consist of various little islands. Marathon is linked to the lower Florida Keys on the south end of the seven mile bridge. This is a bridge many have seen even if they haven’t been to the keys, as this bridge has starred in many movies, it is also the bridge. Marathon is more a place to relax, it has some of the same immunities as the other islands but isn’t as fussy as the main islands on the Upper Keys.

Now Big Pine Key may not have any shopping malls, fast food places, has not many buildings or anywhere to stay such as Florida vacation houses or hotels but it does have one thing that will make other envies, a beach. Located in the Bahia Honda State Park this is a beach that many publications have dubbed the most beautiful beach in the world. Glorious sand, a marina and facilities for those want to camp there. Also the state park is a nature preserve which has beautiful set of plants and flowers that you might not see anywhere else. This is also the place where you may get a glimpse of the endangered Key Deer.

Key West is the island that is linked by the Overseas Highway. This is an island that has many types of people have been resided on even the United States Navy. This has become of touristy part of the Florida Keys. This island has roughly 27,000 residents located there and is also home to resorts hotels and other places that focus on accommodations. On this island there are many events such as festivals, fishing tournaments and others that will draw crowds of people. Scuba diving here is a must as the waters are an azure blue and contain many different types of species all in one place and some you won’t find anywhere else. Also add to the fact that there are ship wrecks there that are great to explore. If there is one thing you should try is snorkelling at night you will be blown away at the amazing sea life from this island. Most of these islands offer the same things to do like water sports, kayaking, jet skiing, para-sailing, boating and sunset cruises.

Getting to this chain of islands isn’t exactly straight forward it really depends on what part of the Florida Keys you want to visit you would have to use one of the various ways of getting there from Mainland Florida. If visiting the Upper part of Keys you can fly to Miami International airport of Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and then take a shuttle bus or drive yourself with a car rental. It will take about an hour from Miami and 45 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale. At the midway point of the Florida Keys is the small city called Marathon visitors can fly there thanks to it accepting small charter flights. If anything the Key West International Airport is the main airport of the keys area and the best option as it is the largest island and you won’t have to drive much.

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What?s the difference between a forest and a tropical rainforest?

What?s the difference between a forest and a tropical rainforest?
What is a tropical rainforest? How is it different from what we think of as a regular forest?

First of all, a regular forest usually consists of one dominant species of tree – the evergreen forests of colder climates, or the redwood forest of California, for example. A tropical rainforest has many species of trees and plants, and trees of the same species very seldom grow close together. Scientists have counted as many as 300 different species growing in one 2 1/2 acre (one hectare) in a South American rainforest.

While forests are found in all climates and all parts of the world, tropical rainforests are found only in hot, humid climates. They cover less than six percent of the Earth’s land surface. Most are found in areas near the equator such as Central America, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. A rainforest often gets more than 100 inches of rain a year, the average humidity is between 77 and 88 percent, and the temperature is usually between 93º F (34º C) and 68º F (20º C).

Probably the most significant difference between a regular forest and a tropical rainforest, and the one that has scientists worried that rainforests might someday totally disappear, is the fact that whereas most of the nutrients of a regular forest are stored in its vegetation, most of a rainforest’s nutrients are stored in the soil. This means that when a regular forest is burned or flooded or cut down, the trees and plants can eventually grow back because of the nutrients in their roots. But in the rainforests, where thousands of years of heavy rain have washed away many of the nutrients in the soil, it is very difficult for vegetation to grow back after it is burned or cut down.

Unlike a regular forest, a tropical rainforest has four very distinct layers based on the types of trees and animals that live there. From the top down, these layers are the emergent, upper canopy, understory, and forest floor.

Emergent trees are 100 to 240 feet tall and are spaced wide apart with straight, smooth trunks and leaves that form umbrella-shaped canopies. The upper canopy consists of trees that are 60 to 130 feet tall. Most of the animals live here.

Most of the trees in the understory, or lower canopy, are about 60 feet tall. Very little light reaches this level, the humidity is always high, and there’s little air movement.

The forest floor is almost totally shaded. As a result, there are very few bushes or herbs, and a person can easily walk through most parts. But you have to be careful where you walk, because the ground is teeming with termites and other insects, earthworms and fungi that feed on the litter that falls to the ground. Approximately 80 percent of all insect species live in tropical rainforests.

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Savour charismatic cuisine garnished with tropical charm when dining in the Maldives

Savour charismatic cuisine garnished with tropical charm when dining in the Maldives

Situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean just below Sri Lanka is the tiny island nation of the Maldives. It comprises of over 1100 islets and many secluded atolls. Since its formation as a country, Maldives has been highly sought after as popular tourist destination.

Its capital is called Male which in Singhalese (the native language spoken in Sri Lanka) means necklace due to how the collection of landmasses making up the nation look like a floating necklace in the azure waters of a vast ocean.

Due to the fact that the Maldives is spread over several landmasses many restaurants are located within resorts that own private islands or atolls. Majority of the independent restaurants are concentrated in the capital male.

For example the Athamaa Palace specialises in delicious Indian style cuisine including a popular favourite, Biriyani. Sala Thai Restaurant as its name suggests is known for its authentic Thai cuisine cooked by Thai chefs specially brought down by the owner of the establishment. The Salsa Cafe offers a spicy mix of Mexican and Italian cuisine in a tropical setting; it is a popular place for youth to while away their time.

Maldivian local cuisine is a veritable assault on the senses with its delicacies ranging of curried spiciness to mouth watering sweetness. Main dishes in Maldivian cuisine are similar to many other South Asian meals; they are curry based but with heavy influence on using vegetables or seafood which is a common ingredient found all around the island nation.

Garudiya is a common dish eaten almost daily in Maldivian households, it comprises of any type of tuna suspended in thick aromatic curry base. A by product of this sumptuous dish is called Rihaakuru which ensures that none of the by products of making Gaurdiya are wasted. Rihaakuru is comprised of the nutritious oils and spices left over from boiling the fish which is then aggregated into a crystal black jelly which can then be eaten alone or added to another dish as flavouring. It is frequently used in Chinese dishes such as Pak Choy and Chua Kuay Teow Mee having become a substitute for fish broth.

There are many Maldives Island Resortsand several Maldives luxury hotelsdotted around the islands and atolls that make up this tiny nation. Each of them is distinct in their own way but none stand out quite like Velassaru Maldives. Encapsulate yourself in the luxurious splendour of its villas and enjoy the most sumptuous cuisine in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

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Tropical Fish Care

Tropical Fish Care

A tank full of lively tropical fish can be a thing of beauty. The vibrantly colored fish and the silent way they glide around in the water can make it the focal point of any room. Watching the fish swim while the filter quietly gurgles can be a very relaxing experience. However, if proper care is not taken of the fish and the tank itself, it can very quickly turn into an eyesore that still attracts the eye but now for all the wrong reasons. Here are some basic guidelines to tropical fish care that will help you get started.

So you have decided that you want a fish tank. Now what. You must decide on the size of the tank that you want and what to put in it. There are many choices of decoration and supplies available, but there are a few absolute necessities. They are the following: gravel, a filtration device, a heat source, and a light.

Take your time when you decide on the color and type of gravel you would like. It will be the single largest thing seen in your tank so you want to be sure to get it right. Think about the room you will be placing it in and the overall theme of the tank. In a child’s room, you may want brightly colored gravel while in a living room, you may want to go with the more muted, natural colors.

There are many types of filtering systems available but they all fit into two basic categories. Those that go under the gravel and those that hang on the outside of the tank. Both accomplish the same thing: to filter the fish’s waste and excess food particles out of the water. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. In larger tanks, you may need both types to maintain clear water and healthy fish.

You will need a heater to keep the water temperature around 72 degrees. If the water is much colder than that, the fish will become sluggish and may die. Much warmer than that and you will promote the growth of bacteria and algae that will be harmful to your fish.

Most lights are purchased as part of a full hood that covers the entire top of the tank. However, it is possible to only purchase the light. Whichever way you decide to go, it is best to avoid incandescent lights. This type of light is harsh and will add heat to the tank. Fluorescent lighting is softer and will add no heat to the water in the tank.

Once you have acquired all of these things and set up the tank, you will need to fill it with water and let it sit empty for several days. This will not only give you time to ensure that everything is working properly but will also allow the chlorine and other chemicals to be filtered out of the water.

Now you are ready for fish. It is best to start with just a few fish initially. Place the bags the fish were brought home in directly into the tank and let them float there, unopened, for at least 15 minutes. This will give the fish a chance to gradually adjust to the temperature change. Now you can open the bags, release the fish, and look forward to hours of watching them swim gracefully around the tank.

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