China through Eyes of European Tourists

China through Eyes of European Tourists

China is considered as one of the most visited countries in the world for its beautiful sights, innovative structures as well as a mixture of modern and acient things. Everyone knows the Great Wall of China which formerly served as a defensive outpost and can be seen even if you are in the moon. Each year, this world’s second largest travel and tourism industry welcomes a lot of European tourists. Many of them have visited China and brought back plenty of nice photos which capture daily activities of Chinese people as well as spectacular landscapes. Let’s discover China through some photos taken by European tourists as follows:


This is a waterfall situated in the mountains of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, 60 km to the north of Lijiang City, Yunnan in southwestern China


A spectacular view from the Great Wall of China was taken in February 2010.


Innocent kids in Sichuan, near the border with Tibet


The photo was taken from Xinjiang Province of China in summer 2007


The exciting image of people working was taken in spring 2009. It is a beautiful contrast of the colors of the umbrella and the dismal sky.


This is the image of a souvenir store in Yunnan Province


Two Young Buddhists are on the way to go to the spring festival


Hakka traditional residential buildings in Fujian Province in southeast China were attributed to the UNESCO World Heritage List.


A father and his children dressed traditional clothes to participate in the chaitya at the Songzanlin-Chaitya square in Yunnan Province, China.


Men wore historic Chinese imperial court outfit to participate in a ceremony at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.


The photo is about a grandmother and her granddaughter in a farming village in Xi\’an Province of China


The sunrise on the Li River in Guilin, China was taken by an European tourist. The location has become the inspiration source for many painters, poets, and philosophers for centuries.


Terraced fields have presented in Yunnan Province, China for over 1,200 years.


Rice field and houses in a village of Guizhou Province, China



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Tropical Fish Keeping

Tropical Fish Keeping

If you have been thinking about tropical fish keeping as a hobby, then my simple advice is stop thinking and start keeping them. There is a huge range of fish that you are able to keep successfully with a little effort. If you are new to the idea then I would seriously suggest starting with freshwater fish keeping.

There is a lot to learn when you first start keeping fish and the simpler you can keep the process to start off with the better. Keeping salt water fish simply adds another ingredient to the mix. Salt effects water quality in its own unique way and it is far easier to start with freshwater fish.

Don’t worry about knowing everything. If you do you will simply spend the next few years reading books and websites and never actually get round to starting your first aquarium, and that would be a shame because this is an extremely rewarding and relaxing hobby. Take ten or fifteen minutes every day to watch your fish and you will suddenly find yourself slowing down and relaxing more. In this day and age, that is probably not a bad thing.

Fish are relatively easy to keep with a little knowledge and practice. Most fish can adjust to a fairly wide range of water conditions without them experiencing any problems. What you need to do is make sure that you are mixing fish that enjoy the same water qualities in terms of pH, temperature and water hardness and then make sure that your water quality remains within the parameters that suit your fish.

When you first start our try to stick to the easier fish. These will be able to cope with a wider range of water conditions so are far more forgiving of beginner’s mistakes. They also tend to be cheaper than other fish and are still very attractive coming in a wide variety of shapes and colours.

I would also recommend starting out with a planted tank Plants in your tank go a long way towards helping to maintain water quality because they use the nitrates in the water. Nitrates are always present in aquariums for the simple reason that fish waste is converted into nitrates through the nitrogen cycle. By using the nitrates as they grow, plants reduce nitrate levels and help to keep your tank free of algae and safer for the fish.

What you will soon discover is that tropical fish keeping is more about water keeping than anything else. If you can master the art of water keeping you will have mastered the art of tropical fish keeping and can quickly move on to the more exotic species that demand better water management and a much narrower range of water parameters

Nick North is a keen freshwater aquarium enthusiast and spends a great deal of his time writing articles to promote the hobby to anyone interested in taking it up as a pastime. He has now got his own website aimed at the new aquarium enthusiast which gives lots of useful information on starting your first freshwater aquarium. If you found this article useful check out the site at:

Snowboarding Photos

Snowboarding Photos

Snowboarding photos are available all over the internet. You can check out the latest tricks or stunts or even upload your own to show off your best skills. Whatever the case may be, sharing your photos are a great way to get recognized in the sport of snowboarding or just to keep up with the newest trends. It’s your choice.

Snowboarding photos can be very detailed and can show critical maneuvers and techniques that will help you to improve your skills. See photos of the latest tricks and stunts. See what the new trend in the industry is then try them out on your own. Develop your skills through the use of photos that are available on the internet.

If you are looking for something to decorate your themed website with to promote your snowboarding skills, finding snowboarding photos that are available across the internet can help you to get your point across. If you don’t have photos of your own stunts and tricks available, then using the “in general” photos that are available will work as well. Some of the photos are available for you to copy and to use; however, others are not as they are copyright protected. Make sure that you absolutely have permission to use the photos before copying them to your site, as this will help you stay out of legal trouble.

On the other hand, if you have sharp skills that you want to display for the viewing pleasures of others or if you are looking for recognition in the form of sponsors, then this could be a great way to get you on the road and headed in the right direction. Because the internet is widely available across the globe, you never know who will come across your boarding photographs. One of these days you could get that phone call from out of the blue that you have been dreaming about. By making sure that you post your photographs that show you in a professional snowboarding manner, you might just become the next role model for the kids who love this sport.

To locate the right photograph all you have to do is to perform a search by requesting “boarding photos”. This search will literally bring up thousands of choices and you will then be able to view the ones that you want. You may come across brand photos, product photos and gear photos, not just the tricks and stunts. The number of snowboarding photographs available on the web is endless.

If nothing else, look at the photos just to determine for yourself that snowboarding is an actual sport and it takes dedication, practice and determination just like any other sport to become as skilled as many of the people that you will see in the pictures. Boarding isn’t just for fun; it is also a sport and a competition between those who love it.

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Exotic Honeymoon Destination ? GOA

Exotic Honeymoon Destination ? GOA

After marriage, every couple wants to spend some time in loneliness to understand more about each other, to celebrate the moment and to get ready for a new journey and the honeymoon is the best way to do it. There are a lot of honeymoon destinations in India however, Goa, a beautiful paradise on earth, has evolved a great way. We will discuss about various things because of which it has become a prime destination. Goa has been blessed with tremendous sight seeing, historical architecture, dense forest, beaches and churches. These are a few to name.

Goa, also known as beach lover’s paradise, has got the fresh and clean water beaches to mesmerize everybody. Beach lovers come here to celebrate their togetherness in intimacy. The Goan beaches have got a lot of things to do like beach sports, water sports like scuba diving, Para sailing, water skiing and wind boating etc. The clear water beaches of Goa attract the visitors from all over the world. Condolim beach, Baga beach, Palolem beach, Agonda beach is amongst the most visited beaches in Goa. Cruise, bikes, boats are all available for hire for you to take your partner for a ride.

Apart from beaches, Goa is also famous for its churches. The Portuguese architectural view of churches makes you feel so excited that you can’t resist visiting them. Church of Reis Magos, Se Cathedral, Church of St Francis of Assisi and Basilica of BOM Jesus are amongst the most visited churches in Goa. Couples come here to offer prayers before start of new journey called marriage.

A lot of people know Goa for its eco tourism. One can find a lot of species of birds and animals. The wildlife sanctuary has got over 300 species of various animals, birds and reptiles. Another thing which attracts the couples is the enthusiastic Goa carnival. Like other carnivals, Goa carnival will also thrill you with colors, loud music, dances, full of life and culture etc. The carnival happens in February.

The nightlife of Goa is also famous. Couples can enjoy the music which is hilarious. No one can stop self from trying own dance steps and gets appreciated. Couples also pamper themselves with different types of massage at Goa beaches.The long, clean and calm beaches of Goa lets you connect to eternity through meditation.

Couples can also enjoy all kinds of delicacies in Goa. They say that you name the dish and get it. Apart from all Indian delicacies, Goan delicacies also stand apart. The food in Goa is really enriched. A mouth-watering plate of fresh oyster deep fried in rava has always been a choice of tourists. Other desired delicacies are local crabs, king prawns and chicken rechado. Coconut water and the local brews like “feni” made from cashews and coconut are amongst the most liked drinks.

Goa government has set-up special cells to take care of tourists. Since it has become the prime destination of vacationers, the government has implemented strict rules against bad activities which means that anybody who is new to the city, is completely safe.

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